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The curriculum at Goldsmiths will offer four Vassar credits:

  • A seminar taught by the Vassar Faculty Director will introduce students to London’s thriving cultural environment through site visits and meetings with notable practitioners. For Spring 2020, students will encounter London from a perspective they may never have considered before: that of people with disabilities, who have historically been excluded from full participation in urban life by both structural and attitudinal barriers. London is  an ideal laboratory for this exploration, as there are so many ongoing efforts to increase access and inclusion for people with disabilities, involving individual artists and designers as well as policy makers and cultural institutions. After an introduction to key concepts in disability studies and inclusive design, we will travel to various sites to gain first hand knowledge of how London’s built environment, arts an media are being re-imagined to be accessible for all.
  • An independent project, focused on theory or practice, will use London as a laboratory, an object of study, and a source of inspiration.
  • Goldsmiths Media and Communications course: students will select a course from among more than two dozen multidisciplinary offerings. For course descriptions, please consult the Goldsmiths catalogue
  • Elective Goldsmiths course: students will choose a course in Anthropology, Art, Computing, Drama, Education Studies, Economics, English and Comparative Literature, History, Languages, Music, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, or Visual Cultures.

For more information visit Goldsmith’s website at

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